Apuliatrail 2019
Apuliatrail 2018 descrizione

A bike packing adventure through places and sceneries of an unknown Puglia.

There’s no time limitation, there’s no ranking, there are no competitors.

The only competition is with yourself and the reward will be the memory of an incredible experience. You will bike through a national natural park, you will visit 2 Unesco World Heritage sites, you will “lose” inside some of the most beautiful town of Italy and you will taste (for those who want) various products of the traditional Italian food.

Percorso Classic

these are just numbers to resume the physical effort, but the ApuliaTrail is also pleasure and discovery of surprising sceneries.

Short Route

If you think that 570km are too much for your legs or if you have only the week end available to live this experience or if you are just approaching to the bikepacking and you want to do it with small steps, the short version of the ApuliaTrail is made for you.